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too close for comfort

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtoo close for comforttoo close for comfortNERVOUSif something that happens is too close for comfort, it is near enough to make you feel nervous or afraid From somewhere too close for comfort came the sound of machine-gun fire. close
Examples from the Corpus
too close for comfortThat car that came around the corner was just a little too close for comfort.But our last memory was of a nightingale pair, singing in competition in territories perhaps too close for comfort.Cross-addictions may be hotly denied because the subject matter may for some be too close for comfort.In a wave trough I caught a glimpse of a coral head to port: a little too close for comfort.Lightning dipped and veered in a manner which was far too close for comfort.Richard, and you quite see why, finds economy airline seats too close for comfort.The movement brought him too close for comfort.At times, the similarities are too close for comfort, edging towards the derivative.
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