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too soon

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtoo soontoo soontoo earlytoo soon to do something It’s still too soon to say whether the operation was a success. The holidays were over all too soon (=much earlier than you would like). soon
Examples from the Corpus
all too soonBut then graduation came, all too soon.Baumer, an enthusiastic young soldier, learned all too soon about the horrors of war.It was against this uneasy background that independence was celebrated in a brief euphoria which all too soon evaporated.Sadly, all too soon, Friday was upon us and it was time to return home, renewed and refreshed.He didn't run far, however, because all too soon he heard Mait's dragging footsteps.I wished this could go on for ever but I realised that all too soon I would have to return.In Edinburgh I discovered all too soon that Sylvia Grey was not there either.I was all too soon up and about, hobbling with a stick.
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