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toolboxtool‧box, tool box /ˈtuːlbɒks $ -bɑːks/ noun [countable]  1 a box for keeping tools in2 a set of commands or functions which do various things in a computer program The default toolbox contains tools for drawing lots of different shapes.
Examples from the Corpus
toolboxIn front of her, Lovesey got up and climbed out of his seat with a toolbox in his hand.One handle plus a range of blades equals coverage of many different fasteners, easy portability and savings on toolbox space.One nice touch lets you italicize and embolden text simply by highlighting it and clicking on one of the toolbox icons.Prospective software developers had to learn the secrets of the toolbox so they could follow the guidelines for human interface.He swung his wooden toolbox into the engine bay and laid it on the cylinder block.
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