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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtoothlesstooth‧less /ˈtuːθləs/ adjective  1 HBHsomeone who is toothless has no teeth a toothless old womana toothless smile/grin He gave us a toothless grin.2 SCLPOWER#an organization that is toothless has no power to make people obey its rules Does the agency have the power to prosecute companies, or is it a toothless organization?
Examples from the Corpus
toothlessShe gave the poor creature a kick, then smiled at me with toothless gums.Then I saw her toothless gums.Congress has passed several toothless gun control laws.Whenever Paul spoke, it was almost like the story of the toothless man able to eat rare steak.His grandmother watched, her toothless mouth agape.Thereupon a cackling, toothless old maidservant set aside the tray she was carrying and hobbled across to confront him.a toothless old manWilliam F.. Weld last year, have put some bite into a previously toothless requirement.However they would have been commonly toothless, since false teeth were a luxury until the nineteenth-century.An elderly and toothless woman lived in a shamble of newspapers and produce cartons on top of the stairs in the hall.
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