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top brass

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtop brassˌtop ˈbrass noun [singular]  informal people in positions of high rank in a company, or in the army, navy etc The top brass are coming in from Washington to see how we do things here. The meeting was attended by top diplomats and military top brass.
Examples from the Corpus
top brassWould this be because she had something to hide, he wondered, or was she inhibited by her clerical top brass.If those difficulties could be smoothed out, he continued, would Stark and his top brass approve the deal?I thought it was military to allow the top brass at home a more direct control.It was now necessary to give Klepner visibility in front of Cocello and the top brass.But the top brass is stealing it.Instead, the auditors found, the money was used to buy new cars for the top brass.More recently, this was made into a luxury hotel for the top brass of the Communist world.Have you told the top brass yet?
From Longman Business Dictionarytop brassˌtop ˈbrass noun [singular, uncountable] informal the top managers in an organization SYN BRASSthe top brass at the TV companies
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