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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtop-levelˌtop-ˈlevel adjective [only before noun]  POWERinvolving the most powerful people in a country, organization etc top-level meetings between EU leaders
Examples from the Corpus
top-levelAnd the convictions are gaining weight with more top-level bank executives going down.The news came as Johnson Matthey announced a second top-level boardroom departure within 24 hours.Clinton also alluded to the intractable ideological divide that led to the suspension of top-level budget negotiations.Although it is possible to achieve some degree of change without top-level commitment, that change is likely to be ephemeral at best.Contino tapped the ideas of his employees through a top-level labor committee and a series of labor-management committees.Munitz needs to fill some top-level positions within the university's staff.His assignment seems to have been the result of a military victory in a top-level power struggle with the civilians.I learned from that outing that there is in top-level racing, as well as intelligence, a physical dimension which is vastly important.
From Longman Business Dictionarytop-levelˈtop-ˌlevel adjective involving the people with the most important jobs in a company or organizationa committee composed of top-level executives
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