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top that

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtop thattop thatspoken used when you are asking someone if they have done something more exciting or successful than you Well, I’ve been asked to appear on a TV show later this year, so top that! top
Examples from the Corpus
top thatI work 90 hours a week - top that!But Pittsburgh drew 50,000, and the game with the 49ers' is expected to top that.If the mixture is stirred vigorously, the tin particles form a froth on the top that can be scraped off.It's what's up top that counts.It's the fleecy top that has really revolutionised outdoor gear.DIlAYdl n. A top that is used in a game played during the celebration of CHANike.Can the funds top that this month?Obviously I couldn't wear tops that were short which would show where the belt was, so that summer was terrible.
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