2 adjective
top2 S1 W1


[only before noun] nearest to the top of something [≠ bottom]:
We have a flat on the top floor of the building.
the top button of his shirt
I managed to scrape off the top layer of paint.
I found the letter in the top drawer of his desk.


[usually before noun] best or most successful:
our top tennis players
a top New York salon
one of the world's top engineering companies
people in top jobs
She got top marks.
The top score was 72.


winning in a game or competition
top of
Barcelona remain top of the league after beating Real Madrid.
Despite losing last night, Manchester United are still top (=the highest in a list of clubs in a competition).

top left/right/centre

TCN expressions meaning the picture at the top of a page on the left or right or in the centre, used in magazines and newspapers:
Top right: silk blouse £195 from Harrods.

top speed

the fastest speed a vehicle can move at:
We tore down the motorway at top speed.
a sports car with a top speed of 140 miles per hour

top priority

the thing that you think is most important:
Education is this government's top priority.


British English spoken informal very good:
Clive's a top bloke.

top copy

British EnglishTCN a letter or document from which copies can be made

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