3 verb
top3 past tense and past participle topped, present participle topping [transitive]

be higher

to be higher than a particular amount:
Their profits have reportedly topped £1,000,000 this year.

be most successful

to be in the highest position in a list because you are the most successful:
The Tower of London tops the list of London's most popular tourist attractions.
the team that has topped the Premiership for the last three seasons
In 1998 the group topped the charts with the song 'Don't Stop Loving Me'.

do better

if you top something, you do something that is better than it:
He topped his previous best performance, coming second in the 100 metres.

top an offer/a bid etc

to offer more money than someone else:
A rival company topped our offer by $5 million.

be topped by something

to have something on top:
The roof was topped by a chimney.
a hill topped by pine trees

be topped (off) with something

if food is topped with something, it has that thing on it or over the top of it:
a strawberry tart topped with whipped cream
The cake can be topped off with fresh fruit.

to top it all

spoken in addition to other bad things that have happened to you:
To top it all I lost my job.

top that

spoken used when you are asking someone if they have done something more exciting or successful than you:
Well, I've been asked to appear on a TV show later this year, so top that!

top and tail

British EnglishDFC to cut the top and bottom off a piece of fruit or a vegetable

top yourself

British English informal to kill yourself deliberately

reach the top

literary if you top a hill, you reach the top of it:
We topped the hill and looked down towards the valley below us.

top something ↔ off

phrasal verb
to complete something successfully by doing one last thing:
Let's top off the evening with a drink.

top out

phrasal verb
if something such as a price that is increasing tops out, it reaches its highest point and stops rising:
Do you think interest rates have topped out now?

top something/somebody ↔ up

phrasal verb
1 to add more liquid to a container that is partly full:
I'll just top up the coffee pot.
2 to put more drink in someone's glass or cup after they have drunk some:
Can I top you up?
3 to increase the level of something slightly so as to bring it back to the level you want:
He had to do extra jobs at the weekend to top up his income.

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