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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtopknottop‧knot /ˈtɒpnɒt $ ˈtɑːpnɑːt/ noun [countable]  DChair that is tied together on top of your head
Examples from the Corpus
topknotHis head was shaven but for a topknot.Hair formed either a halo or a topknot, instead of falling into whatever style a woman wished it might.Only a bold topknot of dry leaves thrust from his crown, grey-green and jagged.He cut off his topknot, wore his hair in the short Western style, and grew a trim mustache.To a Clinton outfitted in topknot and kimono.He stared at the topknot of red-gold curls, straining to remember.His mates laughed, and helped him tie the topknot.
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