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tornadotor‧na‧do /tɔːˈneɪdəʊ $ tɔːrˈneɪdoʊ/ noun (plural tornadoes or tornados) [countable]  HEMan extremely violent storm consisting of air that spins very quickly and causes a lot of damagehurricane, cyclonesee thesaurus at storm, wind
Examples from the Corpus
tornadoThis was an activity not much favoured at Verdun, as it invariably attracted a tornado of enemy fire.In Escondido, a pilot reported seeing a funnel cloud, which would have become a tornado had it touched down.When Kathleen arrived, she burst into the coffee shop like a tornado.A storm of pain ripped through her like the indigo fingers of a tornado and carried her out on to a midnight sea.A tornado destroyed twelve homes in Ashport, Tennessee yesterday.Story: Rival scientists battle to place scientific equipment in the path of a raging tornado.As well as the tornado deaths, two others died in blizzard conditions in Indiana and Wisconsin.
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