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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtorpidtor‧pid /ˈtɔːpɪd $ ˈtɔːr-/ adjective formal  LAZYnot active because you are lazy or sleepy a torpid mind
Examples from the Corpus
torpidUnsurprisingly, refugees often fell into a torpid dependency, which did not bode well for the future.In front of him the torpid lizards stirred in their cage on the picture box.A lime-green chameleon, stretching from fence to shrub in torpid motion, beguiled us.By 1976, the union had become torpid, old, and bureaucratic.For nearly half-an-hour nothing happened, no sound broke the torpid silence of the village citadel.The evolutionary advantage of this is that the animal need not lie around in a torpid state, vulnerable to attack.
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