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torquetorque /tɔːk $ tɔːrk/ noun [uncountable]  technicalTEM the force or power that makes something turn around a central point, especially in an engine
Examples from the Corpus
torqueWhat you will really love, though, is the buckets of low-down torque that the G-lader blower and intercooler create.When relative motion occurs between the damper components there is a mutual drag torque.Variations of load and friction torques with speed can also be taken into account.There's good torque for clean response and brisk pick-up after shifting gear, but high-end engine output is nothing startling.But it's more than power the kit provides-it also offers a massive boost in torque.If the switching angle is not optimised at any operating speed then the motor torque is less than the pull-out torque.By analogy to the hybrid motor the expression for pull-out torque in a variable-reluctance motor can be found directly.The shoulder torque has most effect on the arm of the player, the wrist torque on the club itself.
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