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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtorrentialtor‧ren‧tial /təˈrenʃəl, tɒ- $ tɔː-/ adjective   torrential rain
Examples from the Corpus
torrentialTwo fire crews from Bury attended the crash which happened in a torrential downpour.Five target fish were nominated for the second day as the anglers struggled to overcome persistent torrential rain and buffeting winds.My mum and dad drove us to the airport in the torrential rain and wind.He spent many nights sleeping in an open orchard in torrential rain until he located a small cave.As El Ni o ebbs away, drought follows the torrential rain.I woke to the sound of torrential rain.Six hours before our meeting began, the city was deluged with torrential rain.There were torrential rains, rivers burst their banks and flooded standing crops, churches were struck by lightning in heavy thunderstorms.
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