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torridtor‧rid /ˈtɒrɪd $ ˈtɔː-, ˈtɑː-/ adjective  1 EMOTIONALinvolving strong emotions, especially of sexual love a torrid love affair2 literaryHEM torrid weather is very hot the torrid desert sun3 British English a torrid time is a very difficult one He had a torrid time out there on the racetrack.
Examples from the Corpus
torridGood judgement of conditions, an early start and a fast, efficient ascent are essential to avoid such torrid descent.They took full advantage of the opportunity to unwind after a torrid few weeks.the torrid heat of noonAre we to believe that this pair was actually having a torrid love affair on the Nile?Middlesbrough brothers Andy and John Green face a torrid night against Hull opponents.Economies in these regions are growing at a torrid pace.Still, the idea that they could have had the kind of torrid relationship that leads to murder was another matter.
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