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torsiontor‧sion /ˈtɔːʃən $ ˈtɔːr-/ noun [uncountable]  technicalTE the twisting of a piece of metal
Examples from the Corpus
torsionIn the latter case the specimen is of near perfect geometry for a torsion test.A helix is any line in which the curvature and torsion measured anywhere and everywhere are in a constant proportion.Curvature and torsion are not easy to measure directly but their being proportional has a straight forward measurable consequence.End effects and errors due to misalignment are very important in torsion testing.Or a partial torsion of the gut ...?Precisely similar effects occur in the large strain torsion of a rubber.As with tensile and bend testing, torsion testing may be done under various stress or displacement programs.Rear Suspension - Two transverse torsion bars are located within a hollow tube and operated by trailing arms.
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