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tortoisetor‧toise /ˈtɔːtəs $ ˈtɔːr-/ noun [countable]  tortoise.jpg HBAa slow-moving land animal that can pull its head and legs into the hard round shell that covers its bodyturtle
Examples from the Corpus
tortoiseTo my left hand was a small ledge and on it, rather surprisingly, a tortoise appeared.The desert tortoise is one of many species in the protected area.This week one old dear ignored her relatives and left £25,000 to her tortoise.Several other cruisers squatted dourly like giant hibernating tortoises.I mean, wouldn't a nice tortoise be a more worthy beneficiary than the reptilian Jamie?Noticing the eagle and the tortoise now, he stopped dead.Only by smashing the tortoise, could the bird get at its succulent flesh.
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