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toss/flip a coin

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtoss/flip a cointoss/flip a coinDECIDEto choose or decide something by throwing a coin into the air and guessing which side of it will show when it falls Toss a coin to see who goes first. coin
Examples from the Corpus
toss/flip a coinIf memory serves, we actually went into the hall and flipped a coin.We like to get out a map, and flip a coin to decide where to go.I tossed a coin with Bill Wall for this, and won.Like tossing a coin to decide on a man's life.Eddie DeBartolo and Carmen Policy: Flip a coin.Torn between passing the letter to Alice or Amelia, Robert tossed a coin and settled on the latter.The customer wanted to flip a coin about paying the price for a photo of his daughter.Given those odds, claims Salsburg, one might as well flip a coin.
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