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toss your head/hair

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtoss your head/hairtoss your head/hairwrittenHBH to move your head or hair back suddenly, often with a shaking movement showing anger He tossed his head angrily and left the room. toss
Examples from the Corpus
toss your head/hairI tossed my hair and glided on to the stage.Then the fox tossed his head and gulped down the Gingerbread Man.Two goats will circle head to tail in a display of strength, tossing their heads and posturing and grunting at each other.The girl tossed her hair and twisted in her chair.Karen tossed her head back, sending her hair over her left shoulder.The animal plunged to a halt, snorting and tossing its head nervously as water sprayed into the air around them.The Lieutenant's horse was tossing its head, snorting, raising its bright hooves high as it trampled the crop.His horse snorted, tossing its head so that foam flew in dark patches on the ground.And the mare, as if finally understanding, begins to strain, tosses her head wildly, pulls at the reins.
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