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total number/amount/cost etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtotal number/amount/cost etctotal number/amount/cost etcHMNTOTALthe number, amount etc that is the total total sales of 200,000 per year Her total income was £10,000 a year. total
Examples from the Corpus
total number/amount/cost etcAdditional disk space is a dollar or two per megabyte per month, depending on total amount.The total cost has been several million pounds more than budgeted.Microcell bid only in southern Ontario for a total cost of $ 19.2-million.The total amount of contributions and tax paid by each employee is entered on the P35.The total number of jobless rose to 615,830 from 609,670.Multiply the number of widths by the number of pattern repeats per drop to give the total number of pattern repeats required.The total number of registered voters was 1,732,000 aged 16 and over.
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