2 noun
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touch2 S2 W2

touching somebody/something

[countable usually singular] the action of putting your hand, finger, or another part of your body on something or someone:
She felt a gentle touch on her shoulder.
touch of
He remembered the touch of her fingers on his face.

ability to feel things

[uncountable]HBH the sense that you use to discover what something feels like, by putting your hand or fingers on it:
by touch
Visually impaired people orient themselves by touch.
Bake the cake for 30 minutes until risen and firm to the touch.

in touch (with somebody)

talking or writing to someone:
We'll get in touch (=start talking or writing to you) as soon as we know the results of the test.
Can I have your phone number in case I need to get in touch with you?
Bye. I'll be in touch.
Are you still in touch with John (=are you talking to him regularly)?
I'm in close touch with Anna.
stay/keep in touch (=keep writing or talking, even though you do not see each other often)
Anyway, we must stay in touch.
I met him when I worked in Madrid, and I've kept in touch with him ever since.
I lost touch with (=stopped writing or talking to) Julie after we moved.
I can put you in touch with a local photography club (=give you their address or phone number so you can talk to them).

be/keep/stay etc in touch (with something)

to have the latest information or knowledge about something:
A regular newsletter keeps people in touch with local events.
The speech was good and you felt he was in touch with people's needs.
Rescuers were kept in touch through radio links.
A head-teacher needs to remain in close touch with teachers' everyday concerns.

be out of touch

a) also lose touch (with something) to not have the latest knowledge about a subject, situation, or the way people feel
be out of touch with
I'm out of touch with modern medicine.
The party cannot afford to lose touch with political reality.
b) to not know much about modern life:
Judges are often accused of being out of touch.

get in touch with something

especially American English to realize and understand something such as your feelings and attitudes:
The first stage is to get in touch with your perceptions and accept responsibility for your relationships.


[countable] a small detail that improves or completes something
put the final/finishing touches to something
Emma was putting the finishing touches to the cake.
There was a vase of flowers in the room, which was a nice touch.
Brass pans added a decorative touch to the plain brick wall.

way of doing something

[countable] a particular way of doing something, or the ability to do it in a particular way:
The room was decorated with a very artistic touch.
Our staff combine efficient service with a personal touch (=they do things in a friendly way).
The feminine touch was evident throughout the house.
His sure touch (=confident way of doing things) and attention to detail are just as evident now.
Barbara has a magic touch in the garden (=she grows things very well).
King obviously hasn't lost his touch (=lost his ability) - his latest book sold in the millions.

a touch of something

a small amount of something:
Our furniture is guaranteed to add a touch of class to your bedroom.
Add a lace top for a touch of glamour.
'What?' asked Hazel, with a touch of irritation.

a touch disappointed/faster/impatient etc

slightly disappointed, faster etc:
He sounded a touch upset when I spoke to him on the phone.

with/at the touch of a button/key

used to emphasize that something can be done very easily by pressing a button:
This card allows you to access your money at the touch of a button.
You can get all the latest information with the touch of a button.

a soft/easy touch

informal if someone is a soft or an easy touch, you can easily persuade them to do what you want, especially give you money

way something feels

[countable usually singular] the way that something feels and the effect it has on your skin:
the warm touch of his lips


[uncountable] the area outside the lines that mark the playing area
into touch
The ball rolled into touch.

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