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tough/smart cookie

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtough/smart cookietough/smart cookieinformalINTELLIGENT someone who is clever and successful, and knows how to get what they want cookie
Examples from the Corpus
tough/smart cookieThe Gingerbread Man Summary A fox ate a smart cookie.Mr Kinnock is clearly a tough cookie.Unless Newman is a smart cookie.Barney's a tough cookie. He knows how to play politics.Monroe herself, of course, was a smart cookie, but she knew enough to play dumb.Now, women on television are depicted as tough cookies who need a man like a fish needs a trouser press.Being a dedicated tough cookie, he has delivered the goods in impressive manner.In general, the provincial circuit is a far tougher cookie than its metropolitan counterpart.We're tough cookies here, and so are you.
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