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tour de force

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtour de forcetour de force /ˌtʊə də ˈfɔːs $ ˌtʊr də ˈfɔːrs/ noun [singular] written  IMPRESSsomething that is done very skilfully and successfully, and is very impressive His speech to the Democratic Convention was a tour de force.
Examples from the Corpus
tour de forceKing's unaccompanied solo on Lush Life is an improvisational tour de force.Hartman's new novel is a literary tour de force.So far, in a major tour de force, the implications have been ignored.This was Abba's tour de force, a brilliantly structured melodrama which put Faltskog's fragile, emotional vocal centre stage.Still, Freedman's tour de force of a final chapter is his most persuasive.
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