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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtousledtou‧sled /ˈtaʊzəld/ adjective  DCtousled hair or a tousled appearance looks untidy She had just awakened, her eyes sleepy and her hair tousled. A small tousled head appeared in the doorway.
Examples from the Corpus
tousledHer hair was tousled and looked in need of brushing.His black hair was tousled, blown by the wind, shining strands of it across his brown forehead.The thought lit a spark of rebellion, and slowly she sat up, pushing tousled hair back from her tear-streaked face.Beth smoothed her tousled hair.But it wasn't really such a leap from paintings of riders to pictures of top-hatted toffs playing around with tousled tarts.The tousled upswept tendrils of hair.Vron lying with back arched and legs raised on a tousled white carpet.Xanthe ambled in in a tousled yawning state and yesterday's clothes and flopped into the empty chair beside Filmer.hair tousledShe was smiling out at him, her long blond hair tousled.
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