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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtowardsto‧wards /təˈwɔːdz $ tɔːrdz, twɔːrdz/ ●●● S1 W1 especially British English, toward /təˈwɔːd $ tɔːrd, twɔːrd/ especially American English preposition  1 TOWARDSdirection used to say that someone or something moves, looks, faces etc in the direction of someone or something He noticed two policemen coming towards him. All the windows face toward the river. He was standing with his back towards me.2 TO/IN ORDER TOproducing a result in a process that will produce a particular result These negotiations are the first step toward reaching an agreement. The crisis continued as Britain drifted towards war.3 ABOUTfeeling/attitude your feeling, attitude, or behaviour towards someone or something is how you feel or think about them or how you treat them Brian’s attitude towards his work has always been very positive. Her parents had been more sympathetic towards her.4 PAY FORhelp pay for money put, saved, or given towards something is used to pay for it The money collected will be put towards repairing the church roof.5 beforeBEFORE just before a particular time Toward the end of the afternoon it began to rain.6 nearNEAR near a particular place Uncle Dick and Aunt Mavis live at High Burnton out towards the coast.
Examples from the Corpus
towardsGlancing towards me, he started to laugh.If you walk along the river bank towards Skipton you come to a bridge.