Date: 1100-1200
Language: Old French
Origin: tor, tur, from Latin turris, from Greek tyrsis


1 noun
Related topics: Building
tow‧er1 S3 W3 [countable]
1TB a tall narrow building either built on its own or forming part of a castle, church etc:
the Eiffel Tower
a castle with tall towers
bell/clock tower
The bell tower was added to the church in 1848.
tower of
the leaning tower of Pisa
2TC a tall structure, often made of metal, used for signalling, broadcasting etc:
an air traffic control tower

tower of strength

someone who gives you a lot of help, sympathy, and support when you are in trouble:
Her father was a tower of strength to her when her marriage broke up.
4 a tall piece of furniture that you use to store things:
a CD tower

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