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town hall

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town hallˌtown ˈhall ●●○ noun [countable]  TBBa public building used for a town’s local government
Examples from the Corpus
town hallIt was designed not to resemble a church of any sort but, if anything, a town hall.They plan to use bilingual material, phone drives and town hall meetings.He should have parked in the lot be-hind town hall.He placed his voting paper in a special ballot box in Middlesbrough town hall.She had damn all in the way of information, let alone the illusion of town hall propaganda.As each separate town in Prague had its own town hall and guild system, such guild buildings proliferate.Although telephone lines to the city remain severed, a Sarajevo radio reporter said corpses littered the pavement next to the town hall.The town hall is set to reopen next year and will include a tourist information centre, library and concert room.
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