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townhousetown‧house /ˈtaʊnhaʊs/ noun [countable]  1 TBBa house in a town or city, especially a fashionable one in a central area2 TBB British English a house in a town that belongs to someone who also owns a house in the countryside the Duke’s townhouse in Mayfair3 American EnglishTBB a house in a group of houses that share one or more walls
Examples from the Corpus
townhouseNielsen now manages several 100 apartments and townhouses, most in Manhattan, with a smattering in Brooklyn.Old buildings were knocked down, and new apartments and townhouses built.The family moved into the Mayberry Estates townhouse complex last November.Mark's Place, a tree-lined street filled with oversized townhouses.They had restored townhouses with a vengeance.Dark flakes of snow tumbled past the candlelit windows of the Countess of Ratho's townhouse in Charlotte Square.It overlooked an alley, and the bay windows were sun-blocked by the townhouse at 93.Then the townhouses give way to dowdy apartment complexes with grimy windows facing the street.
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