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townshiptown‧ship /ˈtaʊnʃɪp/ noun [countable]  PGTOWNa town in Canada or the US that has some local government
Examples from the Corpus
townshipAssistant township manager Michael Solomon said the township had not yet been officially notified of the sale Wednesday afternoon.the black township of SowetoThe population of Dronfield township had grown steadily from 1,182 in 1801 to 2,998 in 1861.This was then compared with the known user list for each township.The conference also decided to establish defence committees to protect township residents against attack.The small townships and villages of the backlands thus lived in isolation, largely self-sufficient and introspective.Both agencies, however, said they would move forward with the option the township selects.It is now a thriving township of 12,000 people in the heart of the country's best agricultural land.Wyatt asked what township it was, and the kid said it was Harrisonville, at least he thought so.
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