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tracerytrac‧e‧ry /ˈtreɪsəri/ noun (plural traceries) [countable, uncountable]  1 technicalAA the curving and crossing lines of stone in the upper parts of some church windows2 literaryPATTERN an attractive pattern of lines that cross each other the delicate tracery of the bare branches against the sky
Examples from the Corpus
tracerySometimes brick tracery was used, sometimes the small quantity of stone needed was found for important buildings.The rose designs were divided by tracery into geometrical and flowing shapes, instead of the radiating wheel spokes used before.Windows in the later period were very large and had ornate geometric or curvilinear tracery.Ahead of me was a chancel screen, a filigree of Gothic tracery.There were clusters of airy palms, sculptured portals, tracery windows.Windows are larger, stained glass richer, tracery more complex.The meat is marbled by a thick tracery of finer fat.
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