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track and field

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track and fieldˌtrack and ˈfield noun [uncountable]  DSOsports such as running and jumping syn athletics British English
Examples from the Corpus
track and fieldLewis and Michael Johnson are track and field millionaires.Opening ceremonies are Saturday, which also features track and field competition and an activity fair.In Sydney last September she became the first female track and field athlete to win five medals in a single Olympics.In a way, though, I became an exception because of my involvement in track and field.At a deeper level, it is a very good book about the nature of track and field today.The moment the top stars of track and field stop thinking of themselves as entertainers, then the sport is dead.Sports channel Sky Sports is looking to increase its coverage of athletics because of Barcelona and the spotlight falling on track and field.Bronze: Dwight Stones, track and field.
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