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track record

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtrack recordˈtrack ˌrecord noun [singular]  PASTall of a person’s or organization’s past achievements, successes, or failures, which show how well they have done something in the past and how well they are likely to do in the futuretrack record in We’re looking for someone with a proven track record in selling advertising.track record of The fund has a good track record of investing in the equity market.
Examples from the Corpus
track recordBefore switching your plan, make sure you choose a low-cost provider with a proven investment track record.Finally, internet businesses are moving into an era where their lengthening track record means they can be analysed alongside conventional companies.The fund also has a long track record of global investing, having been established in 1953.Except for emergency situations, direct pollution controls have a fairly poor track record.Jeske has no qualms about coming to Grand Forks and operating an event center that has no proven track record.Make sure you invest in firms with solid track records.The pup trialled at Brough Park on Saturday night and was only two lengths outside the sprint track record.Money flows have a successful track record in predicting the direction of the stock market.But the track record is not very good.proven track recordMr Fallon, said the Government had a proven track record which would carry it to victory.It has a proven track record, creating 71,000 new job opportunities since it was formed seven years ago.Jeske has no qualms about coming to Grand Forks and operating an event center that has no proven track record.
From Longman Business Dictionarytrack recordˈtrack ˌrecord noun [countable usually singular] all the things that a person or organization has done in the past, which shows how good they are at doing their job, dealing with problems etcThis is a company with a proven track record (=they have shown in the past how good they are).a track record of successtrack record inHe has a good track record in improving efficiency.
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