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2 verb
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[transitive] to search for a person or animal by following the marks they leave behind them on the ground, their smell etc:
Police have been tracking the four criminals all over Central America.
track somebody to something
The dogs tracked the wolf to its lair.


[transitive] to record or study the behaviour or development of someone or something over time:
The progress of each student is tracked by computer.


[transitive]TT to follow the movements of an aircraft or ship by using radar:
a tracking station


[intransitive + in/out]TCB to move a film or television camera away from or towards a scene in order to follow the action that you are recording


[transitive] American EnglishSES to put schoolchildren in groups according to their ability [= stream British English]


[transitive] American English to leave behind a track of something such as mud or dirt when you walk:
Which of you boys tracked mud all over the kitchen floor?

track somebody/something ↔ down

phrasal verb
to find someone or something that is difficult to find by searching or looking for information in several different places:
I finally managed to track down the book you wanted in a shop near the station.
Detectives had tracked her down in California.

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