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tracksuittrack‧suit /ˈtræksuːt, -sjuːt $ -suːt/ noun [countable]  British EnglishDCC loose clothes consisting of trousers and a jacket, worn especially for sport
Examples from the Corpus
tracksuitHe went straight up to Oxford Street and bought a tracksuit.Jennifer, in a blue tracksuit that showed off her blonde hair to perfection, was sitting in her wheelchair.He had brought his tracksuit and trainers with him to try to keep up his jogging.Raising his tracksuit top, he tore a strip from the exposed white T-shirt underneath.They were wearing only tracksuits and trainers and had no tents, maps, compasses or food.We started out real easy, staying inside the Lullwater Estate like that woman in the red tracksuit.She had found the price tag off the tracksuit.Get your tracksuit on as soon as possible; the quicker you do this, the less stiffness you will feel post-race.
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