2 verb
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trade2 S3 W3
1 [intransitive and transitive] to buy and sell goods, services etc as your job or business
trade with
India began trading with Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries.
trade in
The company trades in silk, tea, and other items.
They had to travel into town to trade the produce from their farm.
2 [intransitive] British English to exist and operate as a business:
The firm now trades under the name Lanski and Weber.
cease trading (=stop being a business because you are bankrupt)
3 [transitive usually passive]BFS to buy or sell something on the stock exchange:
Over a million shares were traded today.

trade insults/blows etc

to insult or hit each other during an argument or fight
5 [intransitive and transitive] especially American English to exchange something you have for something someone else has [= swap British English]
We traded necklaces.
trade something with somebody
I wouldn't mind trading jobs with her.
trade (somebody) something for something
I'll trade you my camera for your drill.

trade at something

phrasal verb
if shares etc trade at a particular price, they cost that amount to buy

trade down

phrasal verb
to replace something you own with something cheaper, or buy a cheaper type of thing than before
trade down to
Many of their customers are trading down to cheaper cigarettes.

trade something ↔ in

phrasal verb
to give something such as a car to the person you are buying a new one from, as part of the payment
trade something ↔ in for
He traded his old car in for a new model.

trade something ↔ off

phrasal verb
to balance one situation or quality against another, in order to produce an acceptable result
trade something ↔ off for/against
Companies are under pressure to trade off price stability for short-term gains.

trade on/upon something

phrasal verb
to use a situation or someone's kindness in order to get an advantage for yourself:
If you ask me, they're just trading on Sam's good nature.

trade up

phrasal verb
to replace something you own with something better, or buy a better type of thing than before
trade up to/from
It also encourages existing home owners to trade up to larger accommodation.

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