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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtradespeopletrades‧peo‧ple /ˈtreɪdzˌpiːpəl/ noun [plural]  1 British English old-fashioned people who buy and sell goods or services2 especially American English people who work at a job or trade that involves skill with their hands
Examples from the Corpus
tradespeopleBut, around these parts, big trucks usually are purchased for heavy work by tradespeople.The place was thronging with all sorts - rough working men, sailors, neatly dressed tradespeople, a few dandies.Local tradespeople obviously benefited, but to what extent can only be guessed at.Although the population has gradually increased the number of tradespeople has dwindled.Is that it - only tradespeople, are we?This is also true of occupational dances in other ballets, for example in those for the tradespeople in Ashton's Cinderella.Doug had checked with the tradespeople in the shops Stella had visited, and they had confirmed exactly what she'd said.
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