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trading post

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trading postˈtrading post noun [countable]  BBTEXCHANGEa place where people can buy and exchange goods in a country area, especially in the US or Canada in the past a remote trading post in the Yukon
Examples from the Corpus
trading postThe fort became a trading post that attracted a religiously diverse population.They realised the strategic importance of the site and used it as a naval base and trading post.And there's a new trading post in the museum.Traders began encouraging Navajo women to weave rugs to trade for food and necessities at the trading post.
From Longman Business Dictionarytrading postˈtrading ˌpost noun [countable] American English informal1FINANCE an area in the stockmarket where a particular company does business SYN TRADING DESK2COMMERCECOMPUTINGa website where people can buy and sell thingsYou can place your order on our online trading post.
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