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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtragicallytra‧gic‧ally /ˈtrædʒɪkli/ adverb  DISASTERin a way that makes you feel sad, especially because someone has died She was tragically killed in a car accident.[sentence adverb] Tragically, her dancing career ended only six months later.[+adj/adverb] He died when a parachute jump went tragically wrong.
Examples from the Corpus
tragicallyWhile never lovers, Joe and Mary are star-crossed, as tragically as Romeo and Juliet.And tragically, both killed themselves.The number of patients with access to the drugs is tragically low.Pain of a rather more tangible nature brought about Ricky Ellcock's tragically premature retirement.During that time, another generation of schoolchildren has been tragically shortchanged.He pointed out that a young officer's life had been tragically taken while doing his duty, protecting others.Yet, tragically, the marriage which had promised so much became empty and joyless in later years.The marriage ended tragically when Norman caught her with another man.
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