Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: trainer 'to pull, drag', from Vulgar Latin traginare, probably from Latin trahere 'to pull'


2 verb
Related topics: Gardening, Sport, Training
train2 S1 W2

teach somebody

[intransitive and transitive]SET to teach someone the skills of a particular job or activity, or to be taught these skills [↪ training]
train somebody in something
All staff will be trained in customer service skills.
train to do something
She's training to be a doctor.
train somebody to do something
Employees are trained to deal with emergency situations.
train as
Nadia trained as a singer.
a highly trained workforce
Trained staff will be available to deal with your queries.

teach an animal

[transitive] to teach an animal to do something or to behave correctly:
a well-trained puppy
train something to do something
These dogs are trained to detect drugs.

prepare for sport

[intransitive and transitive]DS to prepare for a sports event or tell someone how to prepare for it, especially by exercising [↪ training]
train for
Brenda spends two hours a day training for the marathon.

aim something

[transitive] to aim something such as a gun or camera at someone or something
train something on/at somebody/something
She trained her binoculars on the bird.

develop something

[transitive] to develop and improve a natural ability or quality:
You can train your mind to relax.
To the trained eye the difference between these flowers is obvious (=the difference is clear to someone who has developed skills to notice something).


[transitive]DLG to make a plant grow in a particular direction by bending, cutting, or tying it

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