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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtraittrait /treɪ, treɪt $ treɪt/ ●●○ noun [countable]  formalCHARACTER/PERSONALITY a particular quality in someone’s characterpersonality/character traits a mental illness associated with particular personality traitsgenetic/inherited traits
Examples from the Corpus
traitDoes Bryce have any bad traits?Of course, I was only displaying the ultimately cliched boomer trait, a tortured denial of my own advancing years.She shows both traits assigned to the men, immorality and dishonesty.Our entrepreneurial drive has long been our distinguishing trait.One should select the essential trait and reproduce it-or, even better, produce it.Pride seems to be one of our family traits.a genetic traitIt's a human trait to joke about subjects that make us uncomfortable.The mutation has no functional significance and controls no traits, researchers say.His most noticeable trait was his charm, which he could seemingly turn on at will.Natural selection is of traits favourable to the survival, not of individuals, but of successive generations.Certain personality traits make people more likely to become victims of violent crime.personality/character traitsDowns argues that bureaucrats do exhibit personality traits but these may differ.The inviolable Gedge formed character traits as a child that give a fascinating insight into his later life.Richard Lugar, for instance, briefly sought the presidency themselves but died of inhibited personality traits on the campaign trail.For Barber, key personality traits define each of the four types of political personality.Is it associated with remediable personality traits?Initially, they defined the personality traits of those with this syndrome: Authoritarians are extremely conventional in their attitudes and morality.
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