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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtraitoroustrai‧tor‧ous /ˈtreɪtərəs/ adjective especially literary  BETRAYnot loyal to your country, friends, or beliefstraitorously adverb
Examples from the Corpus
traitorousHer longing for him was so intense that it filled her traitorous body with more waves of nerve-tingling sensations.Though she had her own traitorous desire to subdue before she could even begin to fight his.How could Vitor tap so effortlessly into her physical awareness - of him, and of her own traitorous desires?Desperately, she fought against her own traitorous instincts.Now that it is no longer traitorous, popular antagonism towards the Catholic church has become open.Biting hard on her lower lip, Isabel brushed away a traitorous tear.She knew Guy could feel the sudden acceleration of her pulse, but she could do nothing to stop the traitorous throbbing.If that isn't traitorous to Yorkshire, what is?
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