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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtranquiltran‧quil /ˈtræŋkwəl/ adjective  PEACEFULpleasantly calm, quiet, and peaceful a small tranquil villagesee thesaurus at quiettranquilly adverbtranquillity British English, tranquility American English /træŋˈkwɪləti/ noun [uncountable] the tranquillity of the Tuscan countryside
Examples from the Corpus
tranquilFor a few weeks, the atmosphere on the Street was quiet, almost tranquil.If you are calm, it will be tranquil.Thick with trees and sparse with homes, this tranquil area 50 miles north of Houston could be a slice of heaven.The mind is tranquil but alert, its consciousness commanding the body's movements.Their tranquil dreams broken, they were united in their resolve to repair the damage.Efforts are being made to make life more tranquil in Japan's noisy and overcrowded cities.a tranquil mountain communityBut in this tranquil, often overlooked part of the country, the signs of outside intervention are clear.In summer, the normally calm, tranquil streets fill with crowds of tourists.If I was so tranquil, why was this happening?
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