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transatlantictrans‧at‧lan‧tic /ˌtrænzətˈlæntɪk◂/ adjective [only before noun]  1 CROSScrossing the Atlantic Ocean transatlantic flights2 SARinvolving countries on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean a transatlantic agreement3 SGon the other side of the Atlantic Ocean one of America’s transatlantic military bases
Examples from the Corpus
transatlantica transatlantic allyIn the first icy transatlantic blast, he pointedly refused to meet Premier John Major, who visits Washington later this month.The Fokker was the perfect plane for a transatlantic flight.A more important transatlantic forum for cooperation and exchange of knowledge was the Teetotal Movement in which Nonconformists predominated.On their tiny battery portable they too had seen the transatlantic moppet.a transatlantic organizationHe also had a working association with the civil engineer Robert Sabine, one of the pioneers of transatlantic telegraphy.At present, around half of transatlantic telephony traffic is carried via satellite.
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