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transcendentaltran‧scen‧den‧tal /ˌtrænsenˈdentl◂/ adjective  RRtranscendental experiences or ideas are beyond normal human understanding and experience
Examples from the Corpus
transcendentalEven denial àla Warhol, cynicism àla Warhol nothing but inverted nostalgia for a lost transcendental.However, as the title of the picture reveals, Weber's connection to cubism was via the transcendental.But let us look directly at Quine's discussions of transcendental arguments and transcendental reflection.transcendental harmonyAnd during these nine minutes of transcendental improvisation, every note falls magically into Platonic patterns of perfection.A follow-up study that looks at the long-term effects of transcendental meditation and muscle relaxation is expected to be completed in August.But this does not alter the fact that there is an issue between Eckhart and Snyder, between incarnation and transcendental release.Human craft too, they prophesied, would pass through all these forms on their way to the ultimate, transcendental spaceship.
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