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transfer of power

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtransfer of powertransfer of powerPGa process by which the control of a country is taken from one person or group and given to another the transfer of power to a civilian government transfer
Examples from the Corpus
transfer of powerAmong his many far-reaching reforms, Gorbachev effected a transfer of power from Communist Party to executive presidency.Certainly a confused transition is to be expected, since the country has no real mechanisms for a transfer of power.the smooth transfer of power in Hong KongDifferences rapidly emerged, with Sigua and Iosseliani disagreeing over the time-scale for the transfer of power to a civilian government.Within the inner chambers of the House, the transfer of power has already begun.The transfer of power from Ortega to Chamorro was an inspiring moment.The series of grants which implemented this transfer of power began on 15 May.It is obvious that this transfer of power will have a real effect on teachers in schools.
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