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transfer power/responsibility/control (to somebody)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtransfer power/responsibility/control (to somebody)transfer power/responsibility/control (to somebody)PGGIVEto officially give power etc to another person or organization The ageing president is preparing to transfer power to his son. transfer
Examples from the Corpus
transfer power/responsibility/control (to somebody)Managers are frequently willing to transfer responsibility for performing certain tasks, particularly under supervision.Yet he is ahead of many heavily funded university labs in attempting to transfer control from humans to machines.They also achieve another prime objective of Conservative Governments, which is to transfer power from the state to the people.In order to transfer control to a new sequence of instructions, a new value must be deposited in the program counter.The innovation of transferring responsibility to an indigenous anti-Communist corps had been started too late.Pairs of jump instructions were provided to transfer control to the left- or right-hand instruction of a specified store location.
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