2 noun
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trans‧fer2 W2
a) [uncountable and countable] the process by which someone or something moves or is moved from one place, job etc to another
transfer of
the transfer of assets within a group of companies
transfer to
Penny's applied for a transfer to head office.
electronic data transfer
b) [countable] someone or something that has been moved in this way

transfer of power

PG a process by which the control of a country is taken from one person or group and given to another:
the transfer of power to a civilian government
3 [countable] the act of changing from one bus, aircraft etc to another while travelling:
Getting there often means a couple of transfers on a bus line.
4 [countable] especially British EnglishAV a drawing, pattern etc that can be stuck or printed onto a surface [= decal American English]
5 [countable] especially American EnglishTT a ticket that allows a passenger to change from one bus, train etc to another without paying more money

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