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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtransfixedtrans‧fixed /trænsˈfɪkst/ adjective [not before noun]  NOT MOVINGunable to move because you are very surprised, shocked, frightened, interested etc For a moment she stood transfixed in the doorway.
Examples from the Corpus
transfixedHer brilliant speech kept the students transfixed.He opened up immediately and was delighted to see the thin one standing before him as if transfixed.I must have stood there for at least ten minutes, quite still as though transfixed.Just as I was about to pick up the pieces of card once more, I stopped transfixed.Then, the phone in her room rang, and for all of two seconds she stood transfixed.She stood transfixed, and didn't notice the expression of intrigued interest that he wore as he watched her.He was transfixed, suddenly stilled, gaping at the rawness of the signs and transformations.For a few moments Leith felt transfixed - there seemed to be a hint of kindness in his look.She stood transfixed, with one hand out, but her fingers failed to obey the command to take the proffered bag.
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