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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtransgenictrans‧gen‧ic /trænzˈdʒenɪk $ træns-/ adjective technical  having one or more genes from a different type of animal or plant transgenic mice
Examples from the Corpus
transgenicOrganisms that have been altered genetically by such means are said to be transformed and after transformation they are transgenic.These transgenic mice are also of use in more classical immunological studies.All Ea d transgenic mice lines were healthy and transmitted the Ea d transgene to their offspring.Tests in other transgenic plant species show that protein coats taken from viruses appear to confer protection against them.The Thompson site will produce fish and be a center for transgenic research.We wanted to make transgenic sheep-so why not do as the mouse biologists were doing?But one of the transgenic sheep was outstanding.
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