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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtransitionaltran‧si‧tion‧al /trænˈzɪʃənəl, -ˈsɪ-/ ●○○ AWL adjective  1 CHANGE FROM ONE THING TO ANOTHERrelating to a period during which something is changing from one state or form into anothertransitional period/stage etc a transitional period during the switch to the euro2 transitional governmenttransitionally adverb
Examples from the Corpus
transitionalSuch ideas as the development of the emotions are not transcendent but transitional.The National Executive Council resigned but was re-appointed on an interim basis pending the selection by Soglo of a transitional government.The transitional period for a company will begin when it is privatised and will be at least six months and up to 16 months.New political reforms were announced in April 1990, to include the introduction of a three-party system after a one-year transitional period.Students are not eligible for community charge benefit in respect of such a period, but may be eligible for transitional relief.Nietzsche, it seems, was at a transitional stage.It recommends that resources for the developments in primary and community care to pump-prime and provide transitional support be secured urgently.transitional period/stage etcLuckily Thoth, possessing more compassion than he'd dared hope, soothed him through the transitional period.These managers were from the transitional period between the Organization Man age and the baby boomer generation.This is a transitional period between wakefulness and sleep lasting only about three to five minutes.The transitional period for a company will begin when it is privatised and will be at least six months and up to 16 months.In communities especially, and after some transitional period in the factories as well.The outcome of this transitional period is unknown, but the forces pushing and pulling at various possibilities can be discerned.Each separation contains symbolic significance, incorporating transitional stages of liminality.Only during the transitional period when unemployment is rising will the chain be lengthened somewhat.
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